EnBead is a device That Analyses Your Energy Data for Monetising Energy Efficiency

Amazing Features

Outstanding Features of EnBead

Wifi Based

EnBead runs entirely Wifi based. It connects your wifi modem and start sending your data to our servers.

Plug and Play (PnP)

EnBead does not require any physical installation. You can plug and play into an electrical outlet.

Temperature Sensor

EnBead measures temperature of environment via its temperature sensor to compare inside/outside temperature and analyse HVAC comfort.

Humidity Sensor

EnBead measures humidty of environment via its humidity sensor to compare inside/outside humidity and analyse HVAC comfort.


EnBead measures brightness of environment via its photosensors for a better analysis.

CO2 Sensor

EnBead measures amount of CO2 via its CO2 sensor to create a intensity map.

EnBead App

You will have EnBead App with EnBead. You can compare inside/outside temperature and humidity via our app. You can also compare your every locations heating. In addition to this, you can create intensity or heat maps. And most important of all, you can see forecast charts about anytime. And finally, you can report that all and download as a pdf.

You just have to, rent an EnBead and configure it with your wifi credentials.

How Does EnBead Work ?

Working Process of EnBead


EnBead will recognize you before you go into your home


It will prepare your report and settings

Analysing & Controlling

EnBead will analyse your confort zone and controll your energy sources


EnBead will report your energy profile and give you a feedback


EnBead App ScreenShots

Data Trading

On the data trading platform, you can trade your energy data anytime

  • Customers The customers as Residential or Commercial or Buildings sell their energy data via Data Trading Platform
  • Resources The energy data of customers are uploaded to Data Trading Platform
  • Buyer Energy firms buy your data via Data Trading Platform

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